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Join us for a team building program that will keep your team talking for quite some time! Get outdoors and spend the day at our private wilderness site in the woods along the banks of the river Avonmore. A beautiful and natural wild environment and a perfect place to unwind, learn some outdoor skills and a chance to reconnect with nature. Our goal is to offer you and your colleagues a unique learning, fun and fulfilling experience that also provides lasting memories and teaches each team member how to work effectively and efficiently with their colleagues. We’ll create a custom program based on your company’s preferences, that draws out your strengths while challenging them in numerous ways. Contact us for more information on our team building days!

We offer, amongst other things:

Full Day Programs

€90 per person – includes 1 day programme, lunch and tea/coffee. Choose from a Full Day Program of either Natural Living Skills or Wilderness Survival Challenge

Overnight Stays

Rome wasn’t built in a day…. sometimes one day isn’t enough to reach your goals. Why not include an overnight stay allowing everyone in your group to share their personal experience of the day whilst enjoying the warmth and glow of the campfire. Furthermore, additional subjects can be covered in the evening such as making natural cordage, spoon-carving and natural pot hangers which participants can take home with them. Alternatively, if anyone in the group wishes to bring along their guitar, there is no better place for an acoustic session around the campfire. The overnight option will also include an evening meal, campfire treats and breakfast
Prior to your arrival, the campfire will be lit and will have large kettles hanging with water on the boil for anyone looking for hot drinks.

Over the Fire Catering

Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Head out to our social media pages to see some of the food that is cooked over the fire in the woods. Our Corporate Day package includes light lunch and our Corporate Day package included light lunch and our Corporate overnight package includes 1 lunch, 1 evening meal and 1 breakfast.

Custom-made packages

Contact us if you have something different in mind and we will do our utmost to accommodate your group!

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    A piece of paradise,
    on our doorstep!

    A truly memorable experience. We did a corporate offsite where we were taught bush skills through the day and then an amazing bonding experience in the evening around the fire with fantastic food. Ed is a fantastic, passionate host. Thank you for a great event!

    Robin, Salesforce. November 2019